Kroger Feedback-The Kroger Co. has always given immense significance to the KrogerFeedback of its customers on To win $100 and $5000 Word Gift cards. This brand knows very well how to attract and satisfy its customers. Kroger has designed a very productive and efficient Kroger Feedback Survey that helps the company to enhance and improve the shopping experience of its customers.

Every part of this Kroger survey has carefully designed to gather the important factors from you. This aids the company to recognize the areas in which improvement is required.

kroger feedback survey at

In addition to this, they also get an idea of what customers are actually looking for and what tactics are strategies they should implement to remain competitive in this challenging environment.

You can easily find this Kroger feedback survey at the official page of

Basically, Kroger is the name of a group which incorporates numerous chains including superstores, convenience stores, pharmacies, retailer brands, low-cost stores, fuel stations and many more.

The biggest challenge that Kroger is facing is to deliver service and products that are consistent and reliable across its diversified chains of stores. The online Kroger feedback survey makes it possible for the company to completely analyze and monitor the standard of its services and products. 

How Many Ways to Complete Kroger Feedback?

You can take part in the Kroger Feedback in two ways

  1. Online through the official page of or
  2. Offline by sending mail to the Kroger company

Keep reading the articles to know the procedures and requirements for both methods so that you can get a chance to win amazing prizes and rewards

How To Take Survey online?

Once you fulfill the eligibility Kroger Feedback criteria, you can easily start the online survey on

To become a candidate in monthly sweepstakes, you must follow all the below steps carefully

  1. You must have a receipt of your recent purchase from any outlet of Kroger stores. Your receipt must not be older than 7 days. Once you have a receipt then log in to
  2. The default language of the official page is English. If you want to fill the survey in Spanish, you can easily do that by changing the language option available at the left bottom of the page.
  3. The main page will ask you to enter the date and time of your visit. Also, it will ask you to enter your receipt ID. This information is available on the receipt. Make sure to enter the correct information, otherwise, the page will show an error and you will not get directed to the survey page.
  4. After this, the page will ask you to enter the store number that you visited, terminal number and transaction number. It is extremely easy. The website will guide you on how to find out these numbers on your receipt.
  5. After entering all the required information, you can now conduct the survey by pressing the button Start.
  6. You will get a series of a different question. You must answer each one of them to complete the survey. The question will appear one after another. Once you will complete one question, only then you will get the next question.
  7. All the answers are based on a different option. You must honestly and rationally select the option which best describes your shopping experience at Kroger
  8. In the end, you must enter your valid personal information including your name, phone number, address, email ID and card number. This is crucial to take part in the monthly sweepstakes. Kroger is very particular about privacy. You will not face any inconvenient situation by providing your personal information. All the data of the participants are totally secured and protected. This information is only used to contact you regarding your winning prize or reward.
  9. After completing the Kroger Survey, you will get a message which states that your name has been successfully added into the sweepstakes contest.

Once you are done with the survey, keep your hope high to win the remarkable rewards by the

Offline Kroger Experience Guide

If you want to take part in the monthly contest without visiting the outlet or without doing any purchase, then you have to send a handwritten postcard to the company.

Your handwritten postcard must include your name, phone number and postal address. After entering all the information, you must send this card to

Customer Survey Monthly Sweepstakes,

PMI Station,

and PO Box 3547,


CT 06488-3547

to take part in the contest.

What are the Benefits of Kroger feedback survey?

The online Kroger Feedback survey is available at the authorized page of It brings numerous benefits to the company. Some prevailing advantages of this Kroger feedback survey are

  • The company can understand the changing needs of the customers
  • Kroger can get an idea which areas or departments customers visit the most
  • The survey also highlights which products are high in demand
  • The Kroger feedback survey highlights the performance and behavior of the staff towards customers
  • This enables the company to enhance the dealing of staff with customers
  • The company can resolve and inspect issues faced by the buyers
  • The Kroger Co can find out in which areas and departments’ innovations are required.

The interesting part of this Kroger feedback survey is, that the participants are getting rewarded for spending their precious time on this survey. Kroger truly appreciates the respected feedback of consumers and therefore the company provides worthy rewards and prizes to its valuable clients.

Kroger Feedback Rewards

Kroger is a name, which is famous for its best customer service. You can help your beloved brand to keep providing you the finest shopping experience in town.

You just have to fill the Kroger feedback survey available at Your given feedback will help the company to increase and improve its services and products. After completing the Kroger feedback survey, you get eligible to avail

  • Win Kroger plus card
  • KrogerFeedback fuel points.
  • Win $5000 Kroger gift card.
  • $100 gift coupons.
  • Valid Entry in Kroger Sweepstakes
  • Kroger 50 Fuel points per clinic visit.
  • Kroger 50 points for complete Kroger feedback survey.
  • Kroger 50 points on funded prescriptions.
  • Important Note: First 100 Winners will win $100, Kroger Gift Card. Winners will be informed by telephone, email id or by the postal mail.
    • Grand Prize Winner must need an affidavit of Eligibility and liability. This point is most important for the grand prize winners of the Kroger survey.

Imagine you just spend a few minutes on the Kroger feedback survey and in the result you get such amazing prizes. You must provide honest and biased free answers to all questions in the survey so that the company can make your feedback productive for the betterment of your shopping experience.

KrogerFeedback Survey Eligibility Criteria?

Kroger has specified rules and regulation for this KrogerFeedback survey. You can only take part if you fulfill all the requirements to get fit in their eligibility criteria. The requirements include

  • Age must be at least 18 years
  • Strong internet connection to get logged in and start the Kroger Feedback survey
  • You must have a recent receipt that you got from your current visit at any outlet of Kroger store. You can not start the survey if you will enter the information of receipt older than 7 days
  • For taking part in the survey, you should be a legal resident of the United States of America.
  • This survey can be filled in two languages i.e English and Spanish. You must know any of the given languages to fill this survey.
  • You can not take part in the survey if you are currently working as an employee in any outlet of the Kroger Co. Moreover, you cannot participate if you are from the immediate family of the employee or sponsored or associate with any employee. The basic idea is to keep this survey rational and biased free. This requirement aims to gather information from real customers.
  • You can only use one receipt for filling one survey. You can not use it again.
  • You must provide an honest rating and feedback to all the available question of the survey.
  • There is no restriction of entering in to survey again and again. You can take part in this Kroger
  • Feedback survey at unlimited times.

This online survey for monthly Sweepstakes is available 24/7 on the official website. You can participate in the survey whenever you want to according to your convenience and priorities. $50 fuel points and $5000 worth of gift cards

Kroger always offers attractive and appealing offers for its loyal customers. Kroger conducts lucky draws on monthly basis particularly for the participants of the Kroger feedback survey.

This lucky draw consists of the name of all the customers who fill the feedback survey. Every month out of all the entries, 12 lucky participants get a chance to win 50 fuel points.

In addition to this, you can also win gift cards worth $50.

 When you will finish your survey by answering all the questions at, you will get an entrant ID number which will automatically get added to the participants of the monthly lucky draw.

If luckily you will win the contest, then the team of Kroger Co. will contact you to update you regarding your winning status and reward.

At the end of the survey, you are supposed to give your personal information. Make sure to enter valid addresses and contact information so that the company can inform you about the prize without any inconvenience.

Steps for entering the lucky draw

  1. Firstly, log in to
  2. Fill the required information and press start
  3. Fill the survey
  4. Get qualified for the lucky draw to win free $50 fuel points or $5000 worth of gifts cards

Steps for winning 50 fuel points or $5000 worth of gifts cards

Questionnaire In Kroger Feedback Survey

Kroger always wanted to improve its service so that its customer can keep enjoying the ultimate experience of purchasing at any of its outlets. This survey involves numerous question based on the following things


  • The department from which you have done your shopping
  • Behavior of staff
  • Cleanliness of the store
  • Dealing with the staff
  • The productivity of different departments
  • How often do you visit store
  • Competitive pricing
  • Weekly deals and its pricing
  • Overall experience and much more

Moreover, the survey asks you to give your suggestion or tell any complaint about the problem that you faced. This will help the Kroger Co to resolve all the issues faced by the clients.

Kroger Services

Undoubtedly, the most well-reputed and well-recognized name of the retailing industry in the United States of America is Kroger.

This company has been serving its customers all over the USA for more than 135 years. Currently, Kroger or Kroger Co. owns almost 2800 grocery stores.

These grocery stores incorporate more than 24 chains including Dillons, Ralphs, Kroger, Smith’s, City Market, King Soopers, QFC, Fries and Harris Teeter.

The prime motive of Kroger is to provide a one-stop supermarket experience where you can go and can find anything you want with convenience and quality. Kroger is offering the most competitive products through various prominent departments including

  • Dairy
  • Deli
  • Meat or Seafood
  • Bakery items
  • Organic food
  • Health and beauty
  • Floral
  • Grocery
  • International Cuisines
  • Household products
  • Store food and many more

Kroger has tremendously diverse in different areas. You can find it everywhere in America. Some prominent categories of Kroger involve

  • Kroger has stores with fuel stations facility for the public.
  • In some stores, you can also find a combination of both food items and pharmacies.
  • In addition to this, Kroger is also running the giant Kroger Marketplace and economical shops like Food 4 Less.
  • Kroger also poses distinct convenience stores including Tom Thumb, Quick shop and Many more
  • Also, the company owns a huge market share of jewelry stores. These stores are mostly recognized as Littman Jewelers and Fred Meyer Jewelers

Kroger has designed all the facilities and services to deliver the ultimate, hassle-free and convenient shopping experience to its customers. The team of Kroger has always prioritized the need and satisfaction of its clients.

Success of Kroger

The American retailing company known as Kroger laid its foundation in 1883 by Bernard Kroger. The owner started this business by opening a small grocery store with just $372 of his savings.

Due to his customer-oriented approach, the small company turned in to the most prevalent grocery store chain of USA. The basic principle of running this business is to always provide best to your customers and do not offer things to your clients that you do not want to buy.

Kroger has always adapted itself according to the changing needs and requirements of the buyers.

The core emphasis on providing quality, convenience and best buying experience to the shoppers has resulted in the incredible success of the Kroger CO.

Currently, Kroger has almost 2800 stores working in almost 35 diverse states of America. Kroger is classified as a largest and prominent supermarket chain of USA.  Also, it is known as the second largest retailer company in America and the fifth biggest retailer company in the world. Some other prominent achievements are

  • Kroger has achieved a 17th rank position on the Fortune 500
  • It is categorized as a 7th biggest brand in the United States of America 

Kroger Customer Service

Kroger has a basic motive to deliver the superlative to its customers as compared to other competitors in the market. This supermarket company has always concentrated on the basic needs and requirements of the customers.

Kroger has designed its whole supply chain to enhance the shopping experience of the buyers.

The company has a productive team of fully skilled and trained staff that deals and handles all the concerns of the buyers.

Either you are visiting any outlet of Kroger or you are doing online shopping at the official website of Kroger, the company makes sure to meet your expectations by delivering you with the best quality products.

  • Dial:1-800-576-43770
  • Kroger Grocery Store, KingWood, TX: +1 281-318-1194 ( Open until 1:00 am )
  • The Kroger Super Market, Rolla, MO: +1 573-364-2721 ( Open until 12:00 am )
  • Kroger Grocery Store,Athens, GA: +1 706-715-3738 ( Open until 1:00 am )


By now you must know how easy it is to take part in Kroger Feedback survey @ This survey will hardly take your 10 to 15 minutes but you can effortlessly win remarkable rewards including 50 fuel points, Kroger $5000 worth of gift cards, and $100 of cards, digital coupons and many more.

Kroger is striving hard to remain competitive and to provide superlative services to all customers.  Kroger use your valuable feedback from the survey in the best productive way so that you can remain its loyal customer

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